qTest - Calling a Test Case

This feature is very useful when a test case has the same steps as other test cases along with few additional steps. This feature allows replacing an individual test step by another test case.

Following are the steps to call a test case.

Step 1 − Go to the Test Step section, where you want to call a test case.

Step 2 − Go to individual step where the user will call the function.

Step 3 − In the Settings tab of the Test step, click the Test Case icon as shown in the following screenshot.

Setting Tab

Step 4 − The Test Cases wizard opens, where all the test cases are listed. Select a specific test case that is to be called in this step. After selection of the test case, click the Add button. Following screenshot displays the Test Case wizard and the Add button.

Test Case Wizard

Step 5 − After clicking the Add button, a test case will be called in the test step as shown in the following screenshot.

Add Test Case

Step 6 − Click the Save button on the top right corner of the screen to keep the latest version of the test case.

Latest Test Case

Step 7 − A successful message is displayed as shown in the following screenshot.

Saved Test Case

Important Points

Following are a few important points related to the calling of a test case.

  • A Test Case cannot call itself.

  • Only Approved Test Case can be called by another Test Case. Otherwise, a dialog box will appear asking for confirmation to approve the test case first before calling.

  • A Test Case can call the same Test Case in different Test Steps.