OS Types Q & A #2

Question: What are the differences between Real Time System and Timesharing System?

Answer: Following are the differences between Real Time system and Timesharing System.

Sr. No. Real Time System Timesharing System
1 In this system, events mostly external to computer system are accepted and processed within certain deadlines. In this system, many users are allowed to simultaneously share the computer resources.
2 Real time processing is mainly devoted to one application. Time sharing processing deals with many different applications.
3 User can make inquiry only and cannot write or modify programs. Users can write and modify programs.
4 User must get a response within the specified time limit; otherwise it may result in a disaster. User should get a response within fractions of seconds but if not, the results are not disastrous.
5 No context switching takes place in this system. The CPU switches from one process to another as a time slice expires or a process terminates.
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