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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - When you open an existing report in WebI, which of the below mode allows you to create new data provider, change an existing data source or rename a data provider and all tool options are disabled?

A - Data

B - Reading

C - Design

D - Write

Answer : A


Data Application Mode −

In this mode, you can create new data provider, change an existing data source or rename a data provider. You can also create, edit and manage queries which is used to pass data to reports.

In Data mode, it shows the list of all the available data providers and all the options in tool mode are disabled in this mode.

Q 2 - In Webi Rich client, to send a Webi document as an attachment in email which of the following is not a supported format?





E - Text

Answer : D


You have an option to select the different attachment formats like PDF, XLS, CSV, Text, Unsecured wid.

Q 3 - You want to create queries from multiple data sources in a Webi document? Which of the following feature you should use?

A - Aggregation

B - Joins

C - Union

D - Indexing

E - Query Merge

Answer : E


This option allows you to merge the data from different data sources. Assume that you have created Query 1 and Query 2 in Query Panel. When you combine both the queries in a single WebI report, objects from both the queries are shown in list of available objects. To use, go to Data Access → Merge

Q 4 - Which of the following is not an Operand in a query filter in query panel?

A - LOV’s

B - Prompt

C - Constant

D - Variable

E - Result from Other Query

Answer : D


Object (On which filter is applied), Operator (You can use various comparison operators) Operand.

You can select from the list of Operands −

  • Constant
  • List of Values (LOV’s)
  • Prompt
  • Universe Object
  • Result from Other Query

Q 5 - While creating a Webi document, how many blocks can be used?

A - 1

B - 2

C - 3

D - 4

E - No limit

Answer : E

Q 6 - Which of the following can be used to set drill option in a Webi document?

A - Query Panel

B - Result Objects in Webi Rich client

C - Tools option in Webi Rich client

D - Report Properties

Answer : C

Q 7 - Where do formulas get store when you use in a Webi report?

A - Universe

B - Query Panel

C - Report Page


Answer : C

Q 8 - To create a section on a dimension in Webi report, where you can select Insert section option in Webi Rich client?

A - Analysis

B - Report Elements

C - Format

D - Page Setup

E - Data Access

Answer : B


To create a section from a Dimension, Go to Report Elements → Section → Insert Section

Q 9 - Which of the following is not a type of Report filter in Webi rich client?

A - Standard Report Filter

B - Simple Report Filter

C - Query filter

D - None of the above

Answer : C


Types of Report Filters −

You can create below types of report filters.

Standard Report Filters −

These filters are used to filter on a single value or lists of values. These are most flexible type of report filters.

Simple Report Filters −

They provide an easy way to create filters using Equal to operator. These filters apply on single value.

Answer : C


Drill allows you to move to level up or level down as per the hierarchy in Universe.

To set Drill option In a WebI report, go to Analysis tab → Interact → Drill → Start Drill