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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


Web Intelligence: You can select the interfaces to use for view and modify modes.

You can also select a Default Universe

Q 2 - While creating a new Webi document, which of the following is not an option to select from a list of data source?

A - Universe

B - BEx

C - Excel

D - Web Service

E - SAP HANA database

Answer : E


SAP HANA is not available as list of data sources for a Webi document.

Q 3 - You have created a Web Intelligence document that displays data from the query in a single table. Now you edit the query and add two additional objects. Where will the new objects appear when you re-run the query?

A - Available Objects Panel

B - Existing Table

C - New Table

D - None of the above

Answer : A


In query panel you have added two objects so it will be added to available objects in Webi.

Q 4 - Which of the following is not a type of query filter in query panel?

A - Predefined Filters

B - Custom Filters

C - Quick Filters

D - Report Filters

E - Prompts

Answer : D


Types of Query Filters −

Below query filters are normally used −

  • Predefined Filters
  • Custom Filters
  • Quick Filters
  • Prompts

Q 5 - While creating a Webi document, how many blocks can be used?

A - 1

B - 2

C - 3

D - 4

E - No limit

Answer : E

Q 6 - Which of the following can be used to set drill option in a Webi document?

A - Query Panel

B - Result Objects in Webi Rich client

C - Tools option in Webi Rich client

D - Report Properties

Answer : C

Q 7 - Which of the following support offline mode to work on a document?

A - BI Launchpad


C - Webi Rich Client

D - All of the above

Answer : C

Q 8 - In Webi Rich client, where you can add break in a Webi document?

A - Analysis

B - Report Elements

C - Format

D - Page Setup

E - Data Access

Answer : A


Select the column on which you want to insert a Break. Next is to Go to Analysis → Display → Break → Add Break

Q 9 - Which of the following chart in Webi can be used to show five number summary based on distribution of a dataset: the maximum, the minimum, the first quartile, the third quartile, and the median and can also show abnormal values called outliers?

A - Map chart

B - Dot chart with 2 axis

C - Point chart

D - Box Plot

E - Pie

Answer : C

Answer : C


Drill allows you to move to level up or level down as per the hierarchy in Universe.

To set Drill option In a WebI report, go to Analysis tab → Interact → Drill → Start Drill