SAP Webi - BI Launchpad

BI Launchpad is a Java or HTML based interface of BusinessObjects tool to perform analytical reporting and data analysis. You can set the preference for your BI Launchpad that determines which tool interface is launched via Launchpad.

Using Web or Internet Application to access Webi interface via BI Launchpad, you can perform the following tasks −

  • Create, edit and refresh all the reports in Web Intelligence.

  • Create and edit all the queries in no data source (Universes) but not BEx queries in Web application.

Note − If you are using Webi 4.0 SP2, it is not possible to create queries and you can only work on documents and reports.

BI Launchpad has the following important tabs −

  • Home − Displays recent messages, alerts, documents, and applications that can be run.

  • Documents − Displays the available documents and folders, making it easier to view, organize, and manage the documents.

  • Any open Document − Displays each open document.

You can use the Application tab to start an application including Web Intelligence. You can use the Preference tab to define BI Launchpad preferences.

Logging to BI Launchpad

As mentioned, BI Launchpad is HTML5 or Java-based web interface to launch an application via BI Launchpad.

To access BI Launchpad, you should have a web URL, user name and password. Access profile to be set for the resources.

To get the BI Launchpad details and user credentials you can reach the BO Administrator using the link, http://BOSERVER:8080/BOE/BI

To login to BI Launchpad, open the web browser and enter the Launchpad URL provided by your administrator. The following screen pops up.

BI Launchpad Login

Select the system name you want to login. Enter the user name and password.

In the Authentication dropdown, select the Authentication type - Enterprise, Windows AD, etc. (In the above snapshot, this server has a single login).

Click ‘Log On’ and it will open the home page for BI Launchpad.

BI Launchpad Home Page

You can use Applications tab of Launchpad to run any of the application.

Launchpad Application Tab