SAP Webi - BI Preferences

Let us now discuss how to set BI preferences.

Setting BI Preferences

You can set BI Launchpad preferences for the following tasks.

BI Preferences Settings

General Preferences − These are defined by the administrator. You can reset your password. You can also set time zone, locales preferences, and Web Intelligence preferences.

General Preferences

General Tab − Using this tab you can set user default settings.

Change Password − As per your user access.

Locales and Time Zone − To set product locale, preferred viewing locale, current time zone.

Analysis Edition for OLAP − To define accessibility mode.

Web Intelligence − You can select the interfaces to use for view and modify modes. You can also select a Default Universe. You can set the drill options. You can also select saving priorities when saving a report in .xls format.


BI Workspaces − Used to select a default stylesheet to use when creating a new workspace.

Crystal Reports − Used to set crystal reports options like printing options, default measuring unit, etc.