SAP Webi - Breaks

Breaks are used to define all data for every unique value of an object in separate parts. Using Breaks you can apply −

  • Subtotals and Sub aggregations
  • Display data in more effective manner

Break vs Sections

Section breaks up the data into multiple cells that are called section headers and each section header contains a value for dimension and data corresponding to dimension value.

Break is used to divide the data into one block and each column carries dimension, attributes and measures. These values are repeated for each row value in the block.

How to Insert a Break?

Select the column in which you want to insert a Break. Go to Analysis → Display → Break → Add Break.

Insert a Break

This will divide the table into many mini tables as there are unique values in the column.

Mini Tables

Manage Breaks

To manage a break, you should use Design mode.

Go to Analysis → Display → Break → Manage Break. It will open a new window and show all the breaks in the table.

Manage Breaks

You can define the following properties about Break in this dialog box. You can prioritize Break using up-down arrows.

  • Display Properties
  • Page Layout
  • Duplicate Values
Manage Breaks Properties

You can also Add or Remove a Break using Break Properties.