SAP Webi - Queries using Analysis View

Analysis view is created in BI workspace. Analysis views with custom objects are not supported and it only supports Analysis view coming from SAP NetWeaver BW.

Open Webi Rich Client → New Document → Select Analysis view as Data source.

Analysis view Webi Rich Client

Select an Analysis View, and click ‘Ok’.

Managing Queries

To manage multiple queries, you have an option of Data at the top right corner. This option is not available in Webi DHTML interface.

Managing Queries

All the data providers appear in the list to the right side of the data pane. It also tells you the Data Source, Refresh date, Duration, status, etc.

To see the details of data, double-click on the Query. It will open the details of data added in Query.

Add Data Details

To edit a query, right-click on query in Data mode. Select edit or you can also select an option of Edit in the tool menu.

Edit Query

You can also Rename, Delete, Copy or Purge a query using this Data Manager option.