SAP Webi - Managing Reports

Webi documents contain at least one or more reports. You can manage multiple reports in a single Webi document. You can also add, delete, rename, and move existing reports in one Webi document.

To add, delete, or move a report in a Webi document, right-click on the Report tab.

Report tab

Add, Delete, Rename, Save a Report

To add a report, right-click on the existing report tab and click ‘Add Report’.

Add Report

To delete a report, right-click on the report tab and click ‘Delete’. Each Webi document should have at least one report.

Delete Report

You can use “Rename Report” option to rename an existing report.

To save a document in Webi, you have options to save a report locally, save in BI repository, or export as CSV format. To do this, go to File tab and choose from the options Save/Save As/Save as Enterprise.

Save Document

If you open a Webi document, you can click ‘Save’ to keep the changes. ‘Save as’ option is used to save a document in different formats such as −

  • WID
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Excel 2007
  • CSV Achieve
  • TXT File

When you use the ‘Save as’ option, on the right side of the screen you get many options – Refresh on open, Permanent Regional formatting, Save for all users, Remove document Security.

You can enter the report name, change an existing report name and also add a description.

Modifying Report Name