SAP Webi - Merge Dimension

This option allows you to merge the data from different data sources. Assume that you have created Query 1 and Query 2 in Query Panel. When you combine both the queries in a single Webi report, objects from both the queries are shown in the list of available objects.

Merge Data

Select the unique object from both the queries and click Ok as shown in the following screenshot.

Select Unique Object

It will create a Merge Dimension under the list of available objects.

Create Merge Dimension

It allows you to synch both the queries and you can add the objects from both the queries in a single report. Sometimes it doesn’t allow you to add objects in the report from either of the queries because of sync issues. In such a case, you can create a new variable for that object.

Synch Queries

Enter the variable name, qualification as “Detail” and it will add a new field ‘Associate Dimension’. In Associate dimension, select the unique object from the same query.

In the Formula tab, select the object from the list of available objects for which you want to create a new variable and click ‘Validate’.


Once the variable is created for that object, you can drag that object to the report.