SAP Webi - Formulas and Variables

You can also insert formulas and variables in a Webi report.

How to Enter a Formula?

To enter a formula in Webi report, the report should be opened in Design mode. Click the formula editor to enter a formula.

Once the formula editor is open, build the formula. If the formula editor is not visible, go to Properties tab → View → Formula Bar.

Enter Formula

How to Create a Variable?

The report should be in Design mode to create a Variable in formula.

To create a variable, click on Create Variable icon in formula bar to display variable editor.

Create Variable

Enter the name of Variable, Qualification - Dimension, Measure, and Detail. If you select Detail, it opens a new field - Associate dimension.

Enter Variable Details

Enter the formula for variable, you can select from the list of available objects, functions and operators to create a formula. You can click on the tick mark to validate the formula. Once the formula is defined, click Ok.

On the left side, you can see this new variable in the list of available objects. To use this variable, you can drag this to Webi report.

Variable Objects List

You can also edit or delete the variable. To edit/delete a variable, select the variable from the list of available objects → right-click → Edit/Remove.

Edit Delete Variable