SAP Webi - Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting is used to highlight some specific values in the report. If you want you can show specific low or high values with some specific colors. Conditional formatting can be applied to the following elements −

  • Rows in horizon tables
  • Columns in vertical tables
  • Cells in forms and cross-tables
  • Sections
  • Free holding cells

Condition formatting can be used to make the following formatting changes − Text color, size and style, cell border, color, size and style, and cell backgrounds.

You can add up to 30 conditional formatting formulas in a Webi document.

Creating a Conditional Formatting Formula

To create a conditional formula, open the report in Design mode. You must be using Rich client or App Interface and shouldn’t work in Web mode.

Go to Analysis → Conditional → New Rule. It will open formatting rule editor.

Creating a Conditional Formatting Formula

Enter the rule name and description. Select the cell contents in filtered object or cell box.

Cell Box

You can select Operator and Operands value. You have to define text formatting in Format tab. Click on Format to set the formatting of the tab.

Format Tab

You can select the font, font style, size, effects (underline, etc.) and alignment. Once formatting is defined for condition, you have to click Ok.

Now to apply conditional formatting to the object, select the column in the report. Go to formatting rules dropdown → Select the conditional formatting rules checkbox you have created.

Conditional Formatting Rules

Conditional formatting will be applied to the desired cells. You can add multiple conditions in a single formatting rule on multiple objects.

Add Multiple Conditions

Manage Conditional Formatting Rules

Go to Analysis tab → Conditional → Manage Rules.

Manage Conditional Formatting Rules

Once you click ‘Manage Rules’, it will open window for Conditional Formats. To edit a rule, select the rule and click on Edit. You can also change the order of Conditional Formatting rules.

Manage Rules

You can also duplicate/remove conditional formatting rules using Manage option.