SAP Webi - Creating Documents

In this chapter, we will learn how to create Webi documents.

Creating Documents in Webi

When you open Web interface via BI Launchpad or open Webi rich client, you have an option to create a new document or edit an existing one. You can create a new document as blank document or use an interface to create a document based on the following data sources −

  • Universe
  • Flat files in .csv or .xls format
  • BEx queries
  • Analysis view

Rich Internet application interface and Webi rich client allows you to use from list of available data sources; however, Web Interface supports only no data source or Universe from IDT/UDT.

Data Source Web Interface via BI Launchpad Rich Internet Application Interface Web Rich Client Tool
No Data Yes Yes Yes
.unx or .unv Universe file Yes Yes Yes
BW BEx Query No Yes Yes
Analysis View No Yes Yes
Text Files CSV and XLS No Yes Yes

To create a blank document to use later − Launch Webi Rich Client → Click ‘New document’ option at the top → No Data Source → Ok.

Create Blank Document

Or you can select a blank document by clicking the icon below the list of available data sources.

Available Data Sources

You can also use other data sources like Universe, BW BEx query, and text sources like CSV and XLS files, Analysis view or a web service as data source to create a new document.

Creating Document Based on Universe

You can create a Webi document based on Universe using Information Design Tool/Universe Design Tool.

  • .unx − File created with Information Design Tool

  • .unv − File created in Universe Design Tool

To use a Universe as data source, go to New → Select a Universe as data source and click Ok.

Creating Document Using Universe

It will open a list of all Universes published to BI repository to use in a document. You can select any available universe and click ‘Select’.

It will show you all .unx and .unv files available to use in a document.

Available Document Files

Query Panel will be open. You can select from list of available objects as per your access permissions. You may not be able to use a few of the objects because of permission issues.

In query panel, you have Universe outline in the left pane, and result objects, query filters, data preview panels in the main pane.

Universe Query Panel

Creating Document based on BEx

To use BEx as data source, go to New → Select BW BEx query as data source and click ‘Ok’.

Creating Document Using BEx

It will show you a list of all available BEx queries. You can select only those which you have permission to access. On the left side of the screen, it shows you the name of Info provider for BEx query.

Available BEx Queries

It will open the Query panel, you can select the list of available objects from Universe Outline and name of BEx query below that.

BEx Query Panel

Creating Document Based on Analysis View

Click New icon → Select Universe → Ok.

Creating Document Using Analysis View

Select the Analysis view you want to use and click Ok.

It will open the Query panel with a list of available objects.