SAP Webi - Editing & Opening Documents

You can edit an existing document via BI Launchpad → Web Interface or by opening a document in Webi Rich Client.

You can also open recent documents using Webi Rich client directly. Launch Webi rich client and you will get a list of recent open documents on the left side of the screen.

Open Document Panel

You can also select an existing report to edit in Webi. Extension of a Webi File is “.wid.”. To open an existing document, select a blank document. Go to File → Open.

Webi Rich Client

Select the path of an existing ‘wid’ file and click ‘Open’.

Select Path

By default, it will open the report in Design mode.

Opening a Document

To open a document, go to Webi rich client → Click ‘Open’ tab.

Opening Document

Navigate through the folder you want to open, select the file and click ‘Open’. This will open the file in Design mode.

You can select design and read mode as per your access rights.

Select Design and Read Mode