SAP Webi - Input Controls

Input controls are used to filter and analyze the report data. You define input controls using text boxes and radio buttons. Input controls are associated with report elements, like tables and section headers, and use control to apply filter on report elements.

When you select a value for input control, it filters the values in the report element that is associated with input control by selected value.

Input controls can also be used on hierarchical data.

Defining Input Controls in Webi

You should be in Design mode to use input controls. Go to Analysis → Filters → Input Controls → Define Control.

Defining Input Controls in Webi

It will open Define Input Control dialog. Select the report object used to filter data and click ‘Next’.

Note that if you select a Report element and then you select Define Control, you will get an option to include objects from selected block only. If you select this checkbox, it will show you objects only from the selected report element.

Select Define Control

You will get an option to choose and define control. Choose control allows you to select different control types like single value or multiple values. Define control allows you to select the name of control, description, values in control to select, operator and number of lines displayed in input control, etc.

Choose Control

In the next window, you have to assign Report Elements. It will allow you to choose from report elements. You can assign report elements to input controls. (Example − I have selected as input control from both the blocks as shown below).

Click ‘Finish’ and input controls will be added to the left pane under Input Control tab.

Input Control Tab

Input Controls

Now as per your selection of input control and type of input control, data will be reflected in the report.

Edit an Input Control

To edit an input control → Select Input control from the left pane → Click Edit icon.

Edit Input Control

It will open Edit Input Control dialog box. Make changes to Input Control and click Ok.

Open Edit Input Control

Organize Input Controls

To organize input controls, go to Input control tab on the left pane.

Drag and drop input controls to move them up/down on input controls pane. Just hold the input control dialog box and move it up and down.

Organize Input Controls

Use the “x” mark to remove the input control.

View Input Controls Map

To view map of input control, select the input control → Click ‘Map’ at the top.

View Input Controls Map1

View Input Controls Map2

Define Table and Charts as Input Controls

You can also use a table or chart to define input control. Select the table → Right-click and select linking → Add Element Linking.

Define Table and Charts

You can select a single object or all objects to define as filtering objects. Click ‘Next’.

Select Report Objects

You can enter the name and description of input control. Click ‘Next’. Once you click Next, you can select any other block to use this object as input control. Click ‘Finish’.

Assign Report Elements

Similarly, you can use charts as input control for other Report elements.