QlikView - Documents

QlikView documents are the files that contain all the objects used for the data presentation and analysis. It contains the sheets, variables, data model, source-data connection details, and even the data that is loaded after pulling it from the source.

Document Properties

We can quickly find out the basic information of a QlikView document. Click on Help → document Support Info. Given below is a sample output.


Setting Document Background Image

We can set an image as the background image for a document using the check box Wallpaper Image check box under the General tab. We choose an image and align it at the left top position using the dropdown buttons.


The following screen appears on selecting the above options.


Sheet Objects

The QlikView document contains various Sheet objects, which can be moved around by dragging them and placed anywhere in the document. Let us create two sheet objects, a Table box and a Statistics Box. You can follow the earlier chapters where we have already learnt to create sheet objects. In addition, we are using the file Product_sales.csv, which is mentioned here.


Details of the Sheets objects can be seen using the "Sheets" tab. It shows all the sheets contained in the document and for each sheet, the sheet objects are shown. Both the sheets and sheet objects have unique IDs. We can also edit various properties of these objects from this tab itself.


Scheduling a Document

A QlikView document can be scheduled to refresh at some desired intervals. This is done using the Schedule tab available under the Document properties window.