Adobe InDesign CC Tutorial

Adobe InDesign CC Tutorial

Adobe InDesign is a part of the Adobe Creative Suite and is an upgrade from Aldus PageMaker, a widely used Desktop Publishing (DTP) software which was subsequently purchased by Adobe. Adobe InDesign is available on Windows and Mac and can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of the Adobe Creative Suite. The functions and capabilities of InDesign are much more than what is possible with a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. It is the de facto program used by large publishing houses and big websites. This tutorial aims to give a comprehensive tour of the program enabling you to leverage its full potential.


This tutorial is intended for InDesign users of all levels of experience. Beginners will find valuable information on how to set up the right document layout and choosing the best colors. Intermediate users will find information on adjusting transparency, inserting QR codes and working with objects and layers. Advanced users will find handy information on creating eBooks, preflighting and packaging documents, and also transitioning workflows between InDesign and popular software such as Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator. All lessons apply equally to users of both Windows and Mac versions of the program.


Users are expected to have a basic knowledge of navigating around their OS (Windows or Mac) and installing software. If you’re installing this software for the first time, you would be needing an Adobe account to download the latest trial version from Adobe’s website which is valid for 30 days, post which you can purchase and convert it into a subscription. Purchasing a subscription also gives you access to other Creative Suite apps depending on your plan. You can also purchase only InDesign; however, it would be more cost-effective to purchase it in a bundle. It is recommended to ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements, which can be checked at to ensure a smooth experience. You can work on your own templates or download them online from or any such website.