Business Object Builder

You can also create, change or display an object available in Business Object repository using the Business Object Builder. To change an object, you should know the name, ID or description of the object.

An object in the workflow represents a business entity in SAP system. Common entity example includes: Purchase Order, Material, Vendor, etc. You can also access Business Object Repository using Business Object Repository Browser. To call the Business Object Repository Browser from the Business Object Builder, you have to select Business Object Repository and select the number of object types to be displayed in the dialog box.

When you open Business Object Builder by navigating to Tools → Business Workflow → Development → Definition tools → Business Object Builder, you can see the option of Business Object Repository at the top menu.

Business Object Repository

Business Object Repository Display

In Business Object Repository Browser: Entry Screen, Select Filter Other settings to specify individual filter criteria.

To start Business Object Builder, you have to navigate to Tools → Business Workflow → Development → Definition Tools → Business Object Builder.

To create a Business Object, you can use T-code Business Object Builder (SWO1).

Business Object

Once you click Create, in the next window you have to define the object Super type. All these steps are defined in the previous topic under Business Object definition. To switch directly to the maintenance of an object type, you need to enter the ID of the object type and click Display or Change button in the initial screen.

Following screenshot shows a Business Object and how to change the status of an object in the repository.

Object Type Component
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