SAP Business Workflow - Administration

In SAP Workflow, an administrator is responsible for managing workflows and for ensuring that workflows are executed, transported workflows are enabled, and the workflow engine is monitored.

A Workflow administrator should have access to the following T-codes −

SWI2 is T-code used for analysis of Workitem. However, it provides different filtering options for the following transactions −

  • swi2_freq
  • swi2_adm1
  • swi2_dead
  • swi2_diag
  • swie (Unlock Workflows)
  • swia (Process Workitem as Administrator)
  • swpr
  • swpc
  • swwl
  • swui
  • swud
  • swi5
  • swu8
  • sbwp
  • swel
  • swels
  • swu0
  • swue
  • swu1
  • swu2
  • swu_obuf
  • swld
  • swb_cond
  • swus
  • swi1
  • swi6
  • swu3

We will cover these T-codes and other important transactions with description later in this tutorial.

A Workflow administration performs various tasks which can be divided into the following categories −

  • Workflow Runtime
  • Event Manager
  • Workflow definition time
  • WebFlow

Workflow runtime contains different Transactions, which can be used to monitor and control the execution of workflows. T-code: SWDC_RUNTIME

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