SAP Business Workflow - Condition Editor

To pass a start condition to a workflow, the Condition editor is used. There are two ways to use a condition editor −

  • Direct Text Entry Mode − In this mode you can directly pass the expressions and operators using F4 Input help.

  • PC Mode − This is also called the mouse-oriented mode. The screen of the condition editor is divided into three areas, namely operators, expression, and processing.

Following is general form of a Condition −

[<Not>] <Expression> <Operator> <Expression> [<And/Or>
<Not> <Expression> <Operator> <Expression> …]


Logical Operators

Logical Operators

Note − “NOT” is stronger than “AND”, and “AND” is stronger than “OR” operator.

You have the following input fields for Expression −

  • System fields
  • Container elements

You can also define the personal settings of the Condition Editor as below. This includes settings related to −

  • Display
  • User Interface
  • Call mode
  • Technical Options
Condition Editor
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