Extended Notifications

You can also configure SAP Workflows to extend the notifications to users that they have work to perform and this can be done using email notifications in MS Outlook or Lotus Notes. You can also ease the work item selection by providing a simplified view of work items.

In SAP Workflow, you can also carry out performance analysis using Transaction SWI2_DURA (Work Items by Processing Duration). This can be used to check different performance parameters such as Average Processing Time of Tasks, etc.

SAP Transaction Code (TCODE): SWI2_DURA

Transaction Description: Work Items by Processing Duration

SAP Module Description: Basis Component

Average Processing

This is used to monitor −

  • Predefined task groups that can be used to monitor different processes.
  • Single tasks to spot occasional user roles.

With the use of extended notification for SAP Business Workflow, you can notify the users about work items that need to be processed. You can send work items to groupware. For example, MS Outlook or Lotus Notes with backend transactions that the user can directly access and take actions.

Following is a comparison of different notifications in SAP system for the workflow −

SAP MAPI contains SAPoffice Message Store, transport and address book (mpsap32.dll), Executable programs, workflow and business object attachment interpreter (mpinterp.exe, mpbusobj.exe and mpstub.exe), files for column display for workflows and PST file (personal folders) for special SAPforms Outlook form for offline workflow support and setup.

Report RSWUWFML is a standard executable ABAP Report in SAP system used to send Outlook email notifications to the agent in the Workflow about workitems in the agent SAP inbox.

Feature for workflow MAPI RSWUWFML RSWUWML2 Extended notification
Deliver workitems to any e-mail client - X X X
SAP shortcut attachments - - X X
Prefix AND suffix text (surrounding workitem description) - - X X
Enhanced address determination - - X X
Enhanced substitution handling - - X X
HTML e-mail (Outlook only) - - - X
Generic decisions - - - X
Link to new web UIs (WebDynpro, etc.) - - - X
Lists of workitems in one e-mail - - - X
Support workitem forwarding via e-mail - - - X
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