Using The Event Trace

As mentioned earlier, this is an important feature to diagnose the workflows with error. You can use Event Trace in Workflows to log all information for creating and using events.

Event queue

You can make use of Event queue to store events temporarily.

General Settings → Workflow → Maintain the event queue settings

Event Queue

In an event trace, you maintain the following data −

  • Event data
  • Triggering program
  • Trigger date and time
  • Triggering Object
  • Triggering Object Type
  • Event Name

Following are the useful transactions under SAP Workflow in ABAP development −

  • SWE4 - Switch event trace on/off

  • SWEL - Display event trace. You can display event trace based on different selection criteria. You have the following selection criteria under Event Trace −

    • Event ID

    • Creator object type

    • Creator object instance

    • Event

    • Program creating event, etc.

Display Event Traces
  • RSWELOGD - Delete event trace

  • SWEC - Link change documents to events

  • SWED - Assign change document objects to object types

Display Document

To activate/deactivate the event trace, navigate to the following path −

Tools → Business Workflow → Development → Administration → Event Manager → Event → Switch Event Trace On/Off or use T-Code: SWELS/SWE4.

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