SAP Business Workflow - Challenges

There are different reasons why we need Workflow in business process in SAP system. The longest duration in any business process is the wait time.


The above image shows a standard Purchase Requisition process. It shows that each step involves wait time in the business process and with the use of a standard SAP Workflow, this wait time can be eliminated.

Following challenges are involved in the business processes of an organization −

  • Raising PO, Invoice, and Sales Order - All require approval from specific stakeholders and involves multiple steps. Hence, a lot of wait time is added to the cycle.

  • Auditing and Compliance - Areas where auditing is required or any specific compliance has to be based on courtly laws, SOX, etc. They are tough to manage using manual business process.

  • Specific Processes - Processes which involve standard repeated steps and follow specific business rules. Example: When a new BP is created, you need to define contact information, credit limit, and other information for managing process. It is recommended to manage these specific processes using SAP Workflow.

With the use of SAP Workflows, organizations can easily overcome these challenges and can also perform detailed reporting such as executing time, wait time, etc.

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