SAP Business Workflow - Function Modules

Function modules are sub-programs that contain a set of reusable statements with importing and exporting parameters. Unlike Include programs, function modules can be executed independently. SAP system contains several predefined function modules that can be called from any ABAP program. The function group acts as a kind of container for a number of function modules that would logically belong together. For instance, the function modules for an HR payroll system would be put together into a function group.

Following Function modules can be used in the workflow in SAP system −

  • SWW_WI_CONTAINER_READ − This function module is used to read the container elements in SAP workflow.

  • SWW_WI_DEADLINES_CHANGE − This function module is used to change the attributes of deadline monitoring for a particular workitem.

  • SWW_WI_ENABLE − This is used for unlocking of workitems against execution.

  • SWW_WI_DISABLE − This function module is used for locking workitems for execution.

You can view the parameters of the function module. Use T-code SE37, enter the function module name and click the Display button.

Display Button

Once you click Display, it will show all the parameters defined in the mentioned Function Module. Similarly, you can check/display all function modules in SAP Workflow.

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