SAP Business Workflow - Universal Worklist

Universal Worklist (UWL) is a centralized tool to add alerts, notifications, approvals and ad-hoc tasks for the workitems. All the workitems are created as a part of the business processes and can be easily managed using Universal Worklist.

UWL provides a uniform central access to all the workitems. You can also customize UWM views that meets your requirement. You can easily access additional information from object repositories such as attachments, notifications, etc. You can easily delegate your tasks to other users in your absence.

With the use of UWL, you can bring workitems from different systems. These include −

  • Business Workflow
  • Business Process Management
  • Collaboration Tasks
  • SAP Office Notifications
  • Guided Procedures
  • Workitems fetched by Custom UWL Connectors

Universal Work List Setup

UWL is used to group the different workflow tasks and alerts that are relevant for HR Administrator.

SAP NetWeaver Portal provides UWL Configuration that can be used to configure all the backend workflows. This is totally xml based configuration.

To set up UWL- go to the portal → Select System Administration → System Configuration → Universal Worklist and Workflow → Universal Worklist → UWL System Configuration.

Universal Worklist Setup

You can set up a new connector, if you do not have a connector in the system connected to the system alias, otherwise you can also use an existing one.


Following are the key advantages of using UWL −

  • You can access guided procedure workitems in the common UWL inbox.
  • You can launch new items, open items in the same window or in a new window.
  • To manage the workitems, you can use inbox customization flexibility.
  • You can use the pull mechanism that allows you to use auto or manual refresh options for workitems.
  • You can also manage item types and view definitions.
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