SAP Business Workflow - Job Responsibilities

Following are the job responsibilities of SAP ABAP Workflow analyst −

  • Designs, develops, and maintains SAP Business Workflows and ABAP Web Dynpro applications

  • Develops the workflow tools - workflow Builder, Business Object Builder and UWL

  • Develops reports, workflows, and metrics within the software environment

  • Designs, develops, codes, and tests complex programs for SAP modules and functions using ABAP programming language

  • Creates specialized reports for SAP modules using ABAP programming languages

  • Develops all RICEF objects and troubleshoots using own ABAP skills

  • Maps technical business needs to architectures, standards, and reusable assets

  • Debugs and corrects SAP module problems using ABAP programming language to implement OSS notes

  • Contributes to the development of process standards and evaluation of tools as needed

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