SAP Business Workflow - Import/Export

You can also import and export workflows using XML files. Meta-language BPM0.4 is used to describe the structure of workflows. When you export a workflow, following components of the workflow can’t be exported along with BPML 0.4 (BPML stands for Business Process Modeling Language).

  • Triggering events

  • Tasks in steps

  • Wait steps

  • Event creators

  • Task ID exported as SAP-specific extension

  • In case your workflow contains such step types, during import they are replaced by empty steps

  • Complex conditions

  • Data types such as structures, object type references

  • Modeled deadline monitoring

  • Activities with more than one outcome

  • Organization management rules/elements served as responsible agents

To export a workflow as an XML file, navigate to Workflow → Import/Export → Export to XML File.

import Export

You can also navigate to view BPML Export → Click Export to xml file and then save the file locally on your system.

BPML Export

You can use this file while importing under Workflow option at the top. To import this, navigate to Workflow → Import/Export → Import from XML file.

Import XML
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