Crystal Reports - Delete Sections

To delete a section

Open Section expert at the top and select the section you want to delete → enter Delete.

You can only delete the section if they are lettered. You cannot delete sections originally provided by Crystal Reports.

Report Header

To change the order

Open Section Expert →Select section you want to move and use up and down arrows to change the order of the sections.

To merge sections

Open Section Expert → Move sections you want to merge with each other → select the top section → Click merge.

Sections will be merged with the section that is next on the list.

To split sections

Click on the boundary of the section you want to split → Horizontal line that splits section will appear → Drag-and-drop to the place where you want to split the section.

Sorting Data

Sometimes you are required to sort data in Crystal Reports in a certain order. When you sort the data, it is easier to find specific records in the report. You can add a sort in ascending or descending order and it can also be applied to attributes and measures value.

You can also remove the sorting using delete option in Sort tab.

Let us see how to apply sort in Crystal Reports.

To apply a sort in Crystal Report for enterprise 4.x, go to Structure tab of the report → click on Data tab at top and choose sort.

Data Tab Section

When you click on sort option, it will pop-up a window with group and sort option.

Go to Sort tab and expand the body tab to apply sorting on measures and attribute values in the report.

Sort Tab

To add a sort, click on Add sort option. It will show you all the attributes and measures added to the report. Choose the object on which you want to apply sorting and click on ascending and descending option.

A → Z Ascending or Z → A Descending

You can also add multiple sort in a single report and click on OK.

Multiple Sort

To view sorted data go to Page tab.

In the above example, it has applied a sorting on customer name and then Quantity sold.

Delete Sort

To delete a sort, select the sort and click on delete sort option.

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