Crystal Reports - Data Export To CSV

It exports the report elements as a set of values separated by separator and delimiter characters that you specify. When a comma (,) is used to separate elements, the format is known as Comma Separated Values (CSV).

This export format is popular among Microsoft Excel users. It creates one line of values for each record in your report and also contains all of the sections of your report like Page Header, Group header, Body, Group footer, Report footer and Page footer.

Separated Values

This format cannot be used to export reports with cross-tabs. It cannot be used to export reports with subreports in Page Header or Page Footer sections.

Crystal Reports - Data Export to RTF

RTF format is page based format but it doesn’t preserve all structure and formatting options in the output. Microsoft Word format and Rich Text Format both produces RTF file as an output.

This format is intended for use in applications, such as fill-out forms where the space for entering text is reserved as empty text objects. Almost all of the formatting is retained in this export format.


The exporting file contains drawing objects and text fields to show objects in the report.

The Rich Text Format (RTF) and Microsoft Word (RTF) format are same.

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