Crystal Reports - Data Export To HTML

Exporting Crystal Reports in HTML format allows an easy way to access and distribute the report data. It allows you to access your report in many of common browsers like Firefox and MS Internet Explorer.

The HTML 4.0 format also saves the structure and formatting of the report by using DHTML. All of the images in your report are saved externally and a hyperlink is inserted in the exported HTML output. This export format generates more than one file in the output.

Data Export to HTML

Go to File → Export and select HTML 4.0 from the list. The Export Options dialog box appears. Select a Base Directory from the Base Directory text box. Click OK.

The Export Destination dialog box opens. In the Export Destination dialog box, do one of the following −

  • Click ‘To File’ and enter the report title to save the exported report in the Export Report dialog box.

  • Click ‘To Application’ to open the report in the selected application without saving it.

Base Directory

If you select the option Separate HTML pages check box, the entire report is divided into separate pages. The initial HTML page will be saved as <report name>.html. This is the file you open if you want to view your report through your web browser.

Export Options
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