Query Filters & Filter Conditions

Following are the types of query filters that can be used in Crystal Reports −

  • Predefined filters
  • Custom Filters
  • Custom Filters

Predefine Filters

These are inbuilt filters in query panel created by the administrator. Predefined filters are created at the Universe level and are directly used in the report from the Universe. Drag an object on which you want to apply filter to query filter pane and drag predefined filters too. When you run the query data w.r.t query filter will be returned in the report.

Custom Filters

These filters are created with the queries in the query panel. Custom filters are created in the Query panel under the query filter tab. Drag the object to the query filter pane and make use of various relational operator to pass the filter condition. You can put a constant value or a list of values in the query filter.


They are used to display a question or list of values and are known as dynamic filters.

Filter Condition

Constant option allows you to enter a single value in filter.

List of values allow you to choose one value from all the available values for an object.

Prompt is used to pass dynamic value to a query filter.

Query Panel

Option Description
  • Type a value into the text box

  • In the Prompt(s) dialog box, add members to your list by double-clicking them, or by selecting them in the Members pane and clicking the arrow in the center

  • Click ok

  • In the Edit Prompt dialog box, select New Prompt to add a new prompt, or Use Universe Parameters to select a parameter from your universe

  • If you selected a New Prompt, enter prompt options, or if you selected Use Universe Parameters, select a parameter

  • Click ok

Query Filter Condition

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