Crystal Reports - Data Export Overview

Finished Crystal Reports can be exported to a number of formats like XML, HTM, PDF, spreadsheets and word processors and other common data interchange formats. This allows Crystal Report to use and distribute in an easy way.

For example, you may want to use the report data to enhance the presentation of data in a desktop publishing package. The exporting process requires you to specify a format and a destination. The format determines the file type, and the destination determines where the file is located.

In Page mode, click File → Export and select an export format from the list.

The Export Options dialog box appears. Select the export options.


Click OK → You can also set a format as default options.

Default Options

In the Export Destination dialog box that appears, do one of the following −

  • Click ‘To file’ and enter the report title to save the exported report in the Export Report dialog box.

  • Click ‘To application’ to open the report in the selected application without saving it.

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