Crystal Reports - Templates

Instead of creating a report from scratch, you can also use inbuilt templates from the report repository. These report templates provide predefined layout for common documents like purchase orders, invoices, letter templates, etc.

To select a Report template from the repository, go to File → New → From Web template

Open Template

There are two template options in Crystal Reports −

  • Featured Templates
  • Recently Used

You can also perform a search using the search tool. Once you choose a report template you will be asked to select a data source.

Select Preview (To preview the report template before selecting data source)→ Set Data Source location to select a data source → Target Data Source panel, Add Connection icon → Choose a Data Source Connection dialog box appears.

Select your data source connection from one of the following options −

Previous Connections − This option lets you use previously connected data sources.

Browse Repository − This option lets you choose your data source from the Data Source Type list.

Connection by Vendor − This option connects to data sources sorted by a vendor or software provider.

Click Finish.

Select an object from the Current Data Source panel and connect it to an object in the Target Data Source panel → click on map → click on done.

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