Crystal Reports - Filters

Filters are used to limit the records in a Crystal Report as per the user’s requirement. Filters are applied based on the object, operator and parameter.

How to create an Interactive Filter in a report?

Go to Data tab at the top → Interactive Filter


Click Add Filter → Select first object from filter → Select Operator → Select Parameter

Add Filter

In the dropdown list it will show the list of all parameters that are created for the report. To edit the parameter, you can click on ellipsis button in the end.

Ellipsis Button

When a parameter is selected, click on OK. If you have selected list of values in parameter, it will ask you to select a value from the dropdown list → Select value → OK

Choose saved data or refresh data → Report now shows only filter data.

Saved Data

To add multiple interactive filters, you can use ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ operators.

To delete an interactive filter

Go to Data tab →Interactive filter → Select filter you want to delete → Click on delete button

Delete Filter
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