Crystal Reports - Report Sections

As discussed earlier, Crystal Reports by default provides five main sections −

  • Report Header
  • Page Header
  • Body
  • Report Footer
  • Page Footer

Here, we will learn how to insert, hide, and delete sections in Crystal Report for Enterprise 4.x.

To insert a section in any of the report section, select the section → Right click and Insert.

Insert Section

You can use Hide and move option to hide a section or to move the section up and down.

Format Section option allows you to format the section properties. It includes −

  • Name
  • Color
  • Size

Size option allows you to adjust the height of the section.

Format Section

To keep a section from breaking across pages −

If an element is longer than one page then it prints across multiple pages. To avoid this you can use Paging option.

Right click a section and click format section → Paging → Select Avoid Page Break and click Close.

Now let us see how to insert, hide and delete sections in Crystal Report 2013.

Section Expert as shown in the following image is used to manage sections in the report.

Section Expert

To insert a new section you need to −

Click Section Expert button as shown in the following image (Section Expert contains a list of all the sections in the report) → Select section and click insert.

Section Expert

A new section will appear in the report.

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