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Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to SAP SD. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz.

Questions and Answers

Q 2 - While creating a Sales order, if you don’t mention Sales area, where does the system take the sales area?

A - Product Master

B - Customer Info Record

C - Customer Master

D - Vendor master

Answer : C

Q 3 - Which of the following Transaction code is used to create Quotation in SAP SD module?

A - VC01

B - VC05

C - VA21

D - VA11

Answer : C


Logistics → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Quotation → Create

T-Code VA21

Q 5 - Which of the following can be used to avoid Purchase Order duplication?

A - Using Copy Control

B - Incompletion Procedure

C - Check PO number field

D - All of the above

Answer : C

Q 6 - Which of the following is responsible for type of shipping, transport means and shipping material?

A - Sales Organization

B - Shipping condition

C - Shipping Point

D - Transportation management

Answer : C

Q 7 - In which of the sales order type, customer place an order, pick up the order and pay for the goods?

A - Cash Sales

B - Rush Order

C - Scheduling Agreement

D - All of the above

Answer : A

Q 8 - Which of the following billing methods allow you to create invoices as per the specific criteria?

A - Individual billing

B - Collective Billing

C - Invoice splits billing

D - All of the above

Answer : C


In Individual Billing method, you can make setting in system to create single billing document for each sales document. Example: One invoice per delivery.

In Collective Billing, it allows you to combine different documents like sales orders and/or deliveries either partially or fully in a common billing document.

Invoice Splits allow you to create invoices as per the specific criteria.

Q 9 - Which of the following settings should be configured in sales document type related to delivery process?

A - Shipping Point

B - Default Delivery Type & Requested Delivery Date

C - None

D - Delivery Relevance

Answer : B

Answer : C