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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which of the following is not a component in SAP Sales and Distribution?

A - Sales Support

B - Production Planning

C - Billing Related

D - Foreign Trade

Answer : B


Key components in SAP Sales and Distribution module are −

  • Customer and Vendor master data
  • Sales Support
  • Shipping of material
  • Sales Activities
  • Billing related
  • Transportation of products
  • Credit Management
  • Contract Handling and Management
  • Foreign Trade
  • Information System

Q 2 - You have implemented SAP in your company and now you want to put all your stocks in SD system. Which of the following movement type is used for receiving goods with Purchase Order?

A - Movement type 561

B - Movement type 501

C - Movement type 601

D - All of the above

Answer : B


For this use T-Code MB1C Movement Type: 561 this is for Good receipts without reference.

Movement Type 501 this is used for receiving goods with Purchase Order

Q 3 - Which of the following activity comes under presales activities in Sales and distribution?

A - Inquiries

B - Quotation

C - Sales order

D - A & B

E - A, B & C

Answer : D


There are two types of presales activities in Sales and distribution −

Inquiries Inquiries received from customers like If a product is available, costing of product, delivery of a product, etc.

Quotation This is legal document to the customer for delivery of goods and services.

Q 5 - Which of the following reference status in the copied item tells that an item has not been copied?

A - Not Relevant

B - Not Referenced

C - Partially referenced

D - Fully referenced

Answer : B


Below status can be possible for an item −

Not relevant − it tells if an item is not relevant for copying

Not referenced − it tells an item has not been copied.

Partially referenced − it tell if an item quantity was is fully copied.

Fully referenced − It tells if an entire item quantity has been copied or not and an item cannot be referenced further

Answer : A


A scheduling agreement is defined as an external agreement with the customer and having details of quantity of goods and delivery dates. This information is mentioned as schedule lines In a standard system, Schedule lines can be created with the scheduling agreement or you can also create these at later stage.

Q 8 - A customer buys the product from 2 company codes belongs to a group. How many customer numbers are required?

A - 4

B - 3

C - 2

D - 1

Answer : D

Q 9 - Which of the following is maintained in conditional records about free goods?

A - Item category of sub-item

B - Calculation Rule

C - Maximum quantity of main item

D - All of the above

Answer : B

Answer : D