SAP SD - Shipping

Shipping is defined as a very important activity in the sales process. It comes under the logistics chain and guarantees customer service and distribution of goods. It is a significant component of Sales and Distribution module. It is used to perform outbound delivery and other shipping activities like picking and packing of the goods.

In the shipping process, there are a few key sub processes, which include −

  • Delivery processing of the goods
  • Picking of items
  • Packing of the goods
  • Post goods issue
  • Shipping communication
  • Planning & monitoring of shipping
  • Other functions like batch determination, serial numbers, inspection, etc.

Organizational Units in Shipping

In shipping the stock of goods is managed at Storage Locations.

The shipping point key characteristics include −

  • It is under client location.
  • An Outbound Delivery is processed from a single Shipping point.
  • Shipping point is determined at Item level in the order.
  • Shipping point can process outbound deliveries of several plants.

You can also assign several shipping points to one plant, but each point should have a different loading equipment or a different processing time.

Other Organization units are warehouse#, type of storage, etc.

There is a warehouse# that is assigned to a plant and storage location. There can be multiple storage locations in a plant and they can point to one warehouse.

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