SAP SD - Access Sequence

This is the search strategy, which is used by the system to find valid data for a particular condition type. It tells about the order in which a system searches for the data. An access sequence consists of one or more access sequences. It helps the system to search first, second and so on until it finds a valid record. An access sequence is defined for each condition type where a condition record is created.

You can create or maintain access sequence in customizing −

Go to SPRO → IMG → Sales and Distribution → Basic Functions → Pricing → Pricing Control → Define Access Sequences.


Determine Pricing by item Category

It is not necessary that all the items are suitable for pricing or not. If an item is not relevant for pricing, then line item will be blank for that item. An Item category is used to control the pricing of an item.

Billing Item Categories

  • An item is suitable for billing?
  • Cost of item should be determined?
  • Is it a return item?
  • Whether it is a statistical item?

T-Code: OVKO


Enter Pricing flag in pricing field.

Pricing Flag

Enter Statistical value as − Blank, X, Y. Statistical value flag control an item in sales document as shown below.

Statistical Value

Click the save button.


Data Saved