SAP SD - Listing, Determination & Exclusion

Listing, Determination and material exclusion is a key feature provided by SAP SD that allows the sale of materials to allowed/disallowed customers.

  • Listing − You can create a material list for specific customers, which allows those customers to order only those materials which are maintained in the list.

  • Exclusion − You can also maintain an exclusion record for specific customers and this doesn’t allow that customer to order those materials.

To display Material listing and exclusion, go to SPRO → Sales and Distribution → Basic functions → Listing/Exclusion.

Material Listing

A new window will open, then you can Activate Listing/Exclusion as shown in the following image and then click choose.

Activity Listing

It will show you the existing material listing and exclusion as per the selection.

Sales Document

Creating Material Exclusion

Use T-Code: VB01

Select Exclusion Type: B001 and click Key combination to select material and customer.

Listing Exclusion Initial Screen

Exclusion B001

Click on the save icon and a confirmation message will be displayed.

Condition Records
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