SAP SD - Create MM for Sales View

A Material Master is created in SAP SD system by the material department. Once it is created, the person who manages sales related material has to extend sales views.

Use T-Code: MM01 to create material master for different views. To check the changes, use T-Code: MM04

Material Master

A new window will open. Enter the Industry Sector and Material Type. Click Select View(s).

Initial Screen

Select Sales Org Data 1, Sales Org Data 2, Sales: General/Plant Data and click the Green tick mark below.

Initial Screen 2

Then a new window will open. Enter the Plant, Sales Organization and Distribution Channel for which the material is to be extended. Repeated entries have to be made for various materials with the above selections.

Organization Levels

A new window will open, then you can enter the following details −

  • Material Details
  • Base unit of Measure
  • Division
  • Material Group
  • Tax
Material 2850

Then, go to Sales Org 2 tab. This information is required for analysis.

  • Material Statistics Group − Value should be ‘1’ always. Value in this field with Customer Statistical Group maintained in customer master will update the information system.

  • Gen Item Category Group and Item Category Group − Generally for Finished Products value NORM will default in both the fields.

Sales Org 2 Tab

Go to Sales − General/Plant tab. Enter the value of Availability check, Transport group and loading group, SerialNoProfile (managed if base unit of measure is discrete, not required here) and Press Enter → Yes

General/Plant Tab

You will get a confirmation message.

Confirmation Message