SAP SD - Free of Charge Deliveries

Free of charge delivery or subsequent delivery is made, when a customer is not satisfied with the products or the quantity of good is lesser when delivered. The company has to initiate a return as per the customer’s request. In this delivery, customer is not charged for shipping of goods.

Steps to be followed in case of Return request

  • Credit Memo − This is done when the customer wants a refund for the delivered goods. The system creates a credit memo sales document for the customer with reference to the sales order.

  • Subsequent Delivery − This includes free of charge delivery of disputed goods to the customer. This is required when incorrect quantity of goods are delivered to the customer.

Creating a return request in the system: T-Code: VA01. Then enter the details as shown below −

T Code VA01

Enter Sale Order number and click Copy.

Create With Reference

Then you can enter the following details −

  • PO Number
  • PO Date
  • Order Reason
  • Order Quantity and then Click save.
Create Returns


For creating a Return Delivery Document, use T-Code: VL01N.

Enter the Shipping Point and then Delivery Date as Return Delivery and then press ENTER.

Shipping Point

You can then enter Quantity of goods and click save.

For creating Free of Charge Delivery, use T-Code: VA01

Order Type: Delivery free of charge

Delivery Free of Charge

Enter the PO number and click Copy.


Enter Order Reason and Quantity.

Order Reason

Click the save button.

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