SAP SD - Prices, Surcharges & Discounts

Prices and Types

In a standard SAP system, price is defined as gross price of a material. Below are the predefined price types in a system −

  • Material Price
  • Price List Type
  • Customer specific price

By default, the system takes gross price in the automatic pricing for a business transaction. In a standard SAP system, system takes customer specific price. If no such price exists, system checks for a valid price list type. If this is also not present in the system, it takes the material price.

Material Prices

When material price is created, it means – the price for a specific material or pricing for a specific material type. A combination of sales organization and distribution channel for which material price is valid.

Price List Types

As per your business requirement in an organization, you can define your own price list.

Example − Price list can be created as per the customer type like Retail, Wholesale customer and so on. Price list can also be created as per currency type.

Customer Specific Prices − You can also create pricing records for specific customers. You can assign pricing record for specific combination of customers and material type.

Surcharges and Discounts

A standard SAP system includes a variety of common discount types. You can also define or customize discounts and surcharges as per the business requirement.

A Standard SAP system includes the below mentioned discount types −

Discount(Key) Kind of Discount
Customer(K007) Percentage
Material(K004) Absolute
Price group(K020) Percentage
Material group(K029) Absolute discount by weight
Customer/material(K005) Absolute
Customer/material group(K030) Percentage
Price group/material(K032) Absolute
Price group/material group(K030) Percentage
Rebate processing(BO01) Group rebate(%)
Rebate processing(BO02) Material rebate(fixed)
Rebate processing(BO03) Customer rebate(%)
Inter-company processing(PI01) Intercompany discount(fixed)
Inter-company processing(PI02) Intercompany discount(%)
Invoice lists(RL00) Factoring discount
Invoice lists(MW15) Factoring discount tax

While creating a condition record, you can use any of above standard discount types. While doing automatic pricing, system checks for the discount that satisfies a certain condition and it checks for a valid condition record. If a discount refers to a group like a material group or price groups, that particular group must be assigned to a relevant customer or material master record before automatic pricing is done in the system.