SAP SD - Create Quotations

A quotation is a legal document to the customer for delivery of goods and services. This is normally issued after an inquiry from the customer or without an inquiry.

SAP R/3 Menu − Logistics → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Quotation → Create T-Code: VA21

SAP R/3 Menu

Enter the Quotation Type, then you can enter the Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division and then click Create with Reference.

Quotation Initial Screen

A new window will open, then enter the Inquiry number and click Copy. It will fetch all the details from that Inquiry document.

Create with reference

Then another new window will open. Enter the following details −

  • Enter Partner Function, Sold-To-Party, Ship-To-Party
  • Enter Purchase Order #
  • Enter Valid from and Valid to Date
  • Enter Quantity of material

After this, click save. A Message will be displayed Quotation 40000047 has been saved.