SAP SD - Condition Record & Table

A Condition table is defined as a combination of keys to identify an individual condition record. A condition record is defined as how system stores the specific condition.

Example of a Condition Record − Entering the price of a product or to specify the discount for a privileged customer.

Example of a Condition Table − Condition records for a customer specific material prices are stored by a sales department. SAP system contains a conditional table 005 for this purpose. Key of table 005 includes the following field −

  • Customer
  • Material
  • Sales Organization
  • Distribution Channel

In the first two fields, the customer and material determines the relationship between customers and specific materials. The last two fields are used to identify organization data in a SAP system. Now, if sales department in an organization enters a condition record for discount to one privileged customer, the system will automatically make use of the condition table 005 to store the record and define a key. Any standard SAP system contains predefined condition tables and specifies for each access in a predefined access sequence.

Creating Condition Tables

In a SAP system, you can create or change existing condition tables. As per the new business requirement in an organization, you can create new condition tables.

Go to SPRO → IMG → Sales and Distribution → Basic Functions → Pricing → Pricing Control → Define Conditional Tables

Condition Tables

A new window will open and then you can select from create, change or display field as per the requirement. To create a new table, you have to select create and click on Choose.

Choose Activity

Enter condition table in table field and then you can enter the existing table to copy the condition.

Pricing sales/distribution

Once data is copied, you can modify the table as per the business requirement.