SAP NetWeaver - Web Content

Web Content generated by the business users can be managed using the Web Page composer tool that allows business users to manage most of WCM tasks and creation of portal pages that can combine business applications with user-generated web and static content. Using the Web Page composer, you can blend business applications and user generated content.

Web Page Composer supports the professionals to create interactive portal pages. End users can easily access web content and applications in the portal.

Following are the structural components of Web Page Composer page.

  • Navigation − WPC areas are integrated into the role-based navigation structure.

  • Favorites − The end user can save their favorite pages for quicker access.

  • Search − Search results include contextual information such as the relevant page and role.

Sales and Marketing

Add an Article Using Web Page Composer

Step 1 − Navigate to Area Management → Content Editor → Article tab → Content

Area Management

This opens the Content Editor window.

Step 2 − Add the following details to post an article in Enterprise Portal −

  • Title of the Content
  • Author
  • Select Image
  • Abstract
  • Headers
  • Paragraphs
Enterprise Portal

Step 3 − To save and publish this article, click the save button.

Step 4 − To view this article, go to Article tab and click the Refresh button.

Step 5 − Go to Page content on the right side and mention how you want to publish this content on Enterprise Portal. Following are the available options −

  • Article
  • Banner
  • Link List
  • Paragraph
  • RSS Link List
  • Teaser
  • URL View

Step 6 − To preview the published content, go to Article Editor → Preview button at the top.

Article Editor