SAP NetWeaver - Architecture

SAP NetWeaver is called a central foundation for SAP software stack and provides a flexible platform for other NetWeaver components such as Process Integrator, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Portal, and also for ABAP and Java applications.

SAP NetWeaver Application Server supports platform-independent web services, business applications, and standards-based development, enabling you to leverage existing technology assets for Web-services-oriented solutions.

All NetWeaver components are built on SAP Web Application Server and components are written in J2EE or ABAP.


SAP NetWeaver − Architecture

SAP NetWeaver is one of central component of entire SAP software stack and provides a platform for the other components, as well as JAVA and ABAP applications.

SAP Application server consists of multiple application server instances and also database servers. With the use of dialog instance, it also contains a message server and an enqueue server.

A dialog instance executed by the user has the following components −

SAP NW Architecture
  • Internal Communication Manager − It is used to process both the client and the server web requests. It supports protocol − HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP.

  • Dispatcher − Dispatcher is used to distribute the user request to different work processes. If all the work processes are busy, requests are stored in the Dispatcher queue.

  • Work Processes − These are used to execute Java or ABAP programs.

  • SAP Gateway − This provides RFC interface between SAP instances.

  • Message Server − This is used for message communication and also balances the load in SAP system.

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