Passing Parameters for Installation


During the installation process, you have to pass different parameters, which are called as input user parameters. These parameters depend on the type of the installation mode. You can opt from the following installation options −

  • Typical Mode
  • Custom Mode

Typical Mode

When you select “Typical” mode, the installation wizard selects only the default values for the typical parameters and the installation run is shortened.

In Typical mode, you need to select the following input parameters −

  • Master Password
  • System ID
  • Database connectivity parameters
  • NetWeaver version 7.4 or higher you need to maintain an encryption key
SAP Master Password

Custom Mode

When you select “Custom” mode during the installation, you have to select all the user input parameters. Once you define the parameters in the Installation wizard under step 2 → Next, you will be prompted to view the Parameter Summary.

In Summary step, you can again make changes to all the parameters.

Once the installation is done, you can’t change the parameter mode from Typical → Custom or Custom → Typical, so you should select as per the business requirement during the installation process.

Summary SAP