SAP NetWeaver - Service Configuration

To use NetWeaver Business Client locally, you need to configure the services to your backend system. Different services need to be configured.

HTTP/HTTPS Settings in the ICM

You have to configure HTTP/HTTPS setting in Internet Communication Manager to enable communication between SAP system and Business Client applications.

NetWeaver Business Client uses HTTP to access an ABAP server. Hence, it is important to configure at least one port and it should be active.

To configure HTTP service, use Transaction SMICM


To display the services configured in the back-end system, click on Goto → Services


If the HTTP or HTTPS service does not yet exist or you would like to make changes, you can create or edit a service, following the path - Service → Create or Service → Change.

Create HTTP

To activate/deactivate a service, select the service and click Service → Activate.


Activate Services in ICF

Using Internet Communication Framework, you can communicate your SAP system using standard protocols. To be able to use NWBC for your system, you need to activate SICF service on your system using the SICF transaction which is /sap/bc/nwbc and its components under it.

Step 1 − To activate the service, call Transaction: SICF

Transaction SICF

Step 2 − Set the Hierarchy Type to SERVICE and click Execute (F8).

Maintain Services

Step 3 − Expand the nodes under the default_host.

Step 4 − The cockpit subnode for the Business Client can be accessed by navigating down to the following service tree: default_host/sap/bc/nwbc

Default Host

Step 5 − Select the relevant service node(s) and choose Service/Host → Activate.

Service Host Activate

Step 6 − Select any service and click deactivate. You will be prompted to confirm the deactivation.

Step 7 − Go to Info tab as shown in the following screenshot, you can see the results of deactivation. Click Yes for the corresponding services to be deactivated.

Deactivation of Service