SAP NetWeaver - Introduction

SAP NetWeaver (SAP NW) describes all the software and services used for 'Business Enablement'. The SAP Business suite, such as ERP Central Component (ECC) or Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), contains the software components for that specific business solution.

Following are the key points about SAP NetWeaver platform −

  • It is an open technology platform that offers a comprehensive set of technologies for running mission-critical business applications and integrating people, processes, and information.

  • It is a web-based, open integration, application platform that serves as the foundation for Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (Enterprise SOA) and allows the integration and alignment of people, information, and business processes across business and technology boundaries.

  • It utilizes open standards to enable integration with information and applications from almost any source or technology.

  • It is the foundation of SAP Business Suite and SAP Business by Design. It also powers partner solutions and custom-built applications.

SAP NW Development

SAP NetWeaver was first introduced by TopTier Software, an Israeli company, in 1997. SAP has acquired this company in the early 2000’s. The first version of SAP NetWeaver was released in 2004 with version NW7.0.

Note − The latest available version is SAP NetWeaver 7.5 released in Q4 2015.

SAP has tied up with various hardware vendors to provide different application components to enhance the capabilities of the NetWeaver platform. SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Accelerator is one of the examples that was developed to improve data load and query performance in SAP BW.

Various application development has been introduced by SAP based on the NetWeaver platform like ABAP Workbench, Web Dynpro, Visual Composer, SAP Solution Manager and NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS) based on JAVA stack.

In the following image, you can see key enablement based on SAP NW Platform −

  • Highly Configurable Business Applications − This includes SAP ECC suite, SAP CRM software suite for Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and other key modules that are part of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

  • Business Enablement Applications − This contains business enablement applications like SAP Process Integration (PI), Enterprise Portal, and Business Intelligence software suite.

  • Common Development and Technology Platform − This contains web development and application development technologies like ABAP Workbench, SAP Web Dynpro, Visual Composer, etc.


SAP NetWeaver − Advantages

SAP NW is an open platform for managing and configuring business applications for the development of workbench application so you can achieve multiple advantages.

  • It is based on the Service-Oriented Architecture approach and hence allows you to perform tasks with flexibility. System upgrades can also be performed easily.

  • With the use of SAP NetWeaver Application server, you can perform analysis and embedded analytics in real time.

  • Easy development of web applications using tools like ABAP Workbench, Web Dynpro, and NW Development Studio.

  • A single application platform to manage applications from different providers, implemented in different languages.

  • Easy implementation and consumption of business logic and SAP Backend system content using web and mobile applications.

  • Flexible and simple development environment for mobile and web applications using SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP UI5 based on JAVA, and HTML5 based Application development.

  • Easy workflow and management of day-to-day business operations by using SAP Fiori Launchpad based on NetWeaver platform deployment model. Using NetWeaver gateway, developers can create applications that link business users to SAP software from any environment and through any device.

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