SAP NetWeaver - PFCG Roles

You can use this transaction (Transaction − PFCG) to manage roles in the ABAP system and to provide user authorization. You can create new roles, copy existing roles, define single and composite roles, etc.

Step 1 − In the following screenshot, enter the role name and click the Single/Composite role.

Role Maintenance

Step 2 − To copy an existing role, click the Copy Role button. Select the role from the list of the existing roles. You can select Single/Composite Role.

Copy Role Button

Step 3 − To change a role, select the role from the list and click the Change button as shown in the following screenshot.

Click Change Button

Step 4 − When you go to the User tab, you will see the list of users who have applied for this role. You can see their user id, user name, from and to date.

Change Role

Step 5 − You can also perform a user comparison master record or you can add a direct user to this role.

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