NWBC Transaction & Navigation


There are different system transaction codes provided, that you can use to access and manage NetWeaver Business Client in the ABAP system. Use transaction code, Transaction: NWBC

When you run this transaction in ABAP system, this will start the “launch URL” in the browser and a separate browser instance will start.

Transaction NWBC

In case, your HTTP service is not configured/activated, you will get the following message when you run Transaction: NWBC

Invalid HTTP

To resolve this, you have to run Transaction SMICM. Click Go To → Services. Select HTTP service, Service → Activate.

Transaction SMICM

When you run NWBC transaction in ABAP system, it shows a list of all cockpits on the system and the list of associated roles.

The first icon or the link with the leading slash will open NWBC for HTML.

The second icon or the link without the leading slash will open NWBC desktop tool.

Launch NetWeaver

Note − Using transaction NWBC, class CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER always starts the URL in the browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer, even if another browser is defined as your default browser on the system.

This is due to the reason that class contains additional logic to inject authentication information from the running SAP GUI session into the Internet Explorer (IE) instance when started. Hence, the client will be open in Internet Explorer browser with the same user name.